MUSIC CONSULTING - Digital Content (mixes, playlists, relevant music insights...)
- Brand Activation (creating a brand experience with music)
- Artist x Brand Collaboration
MUSIC CURATION & COMPOSITION We create soundtracks for every format:
- Videos
- Stores & Showrooms
- Fashion shows & Presentations
- Exhibitions & Artworks
- Wellness & Hospitality Places
EVENT We take care of the music programming:
- Artists in live or DJ-set
- AM DJ-set
- AM Visions audiovisual experience


SUPERVISION As music supervisors, we are receiving and listening to plenty of various genres of music from well-known, unknown and up and coming artists and labels. We aim at offering unique and attractive soundtracks tailor-made for each client's image and vision.
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AM STUDIO We partner with talented artists and composers
in order to express each project's singularity through original composition.
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PUBLISHING With a catalog of various genres, finely selected, we propose to illustrate any project
with preexisting tracks ready to use and easy to clear.
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RADIO A private online radio regularly updated with new music,
to assure an easygoing and welcoming atmosphere in every place (stores, showrooms, hotels...).
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AM was created in 2015 in Paris by Aimée, graduate of Berklee College of Music, and Marie, graduate of l’Institut Français de la Mode.
As music supervisors and publishers, our work offers sound composition, synchronization and music consulting services to brands, agencies, designers and curators for their digital communication, events (fashion shows, presentations, after-shows…), retail locations, wellness and hospitality places, exhibitions…
Combining our musical sensitivity, diverse and informed musical taste and intimate knowledge of the art and fashion industries, we use all kinds of formats of sound to enhance the vision of our clients. Thanks to our network in the music industry, we are able to work closely and partner with artists to craft unique compositions. As publishers, we also propose a catalog of selected tracks especially curated for fashion and art projects.

AM is represented in the US by the artist agency Assortment.

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Radio Mixes


BRANDS & SHOWROOMS ATM Studio / Cmmn Swdn / Danshan / Études / forte_forte / Gauntlett Cheng / Hanger / Jarelzhang / Lanvin / Liselore Frowijn / Maria Korkeila / Minki / Nihl / Todd Hessert / Underage / Vanessa Schindler / 13 Bonaparte/ 30:70 Agency
PRODUCTION Brachfeld / Karla Otto / Der Berliner Salon / Lambert Company / Nowadays
ARTISTS Alexandra Gorczynski / Arina Makhova / Eva Papamargariti / Casey Reas / Garance Vallée / Goran Vejvoda / Jonathan Mccabe / Lambert Duchesne / Marine Giraudo / Quentin Lefranc / Sabrina Ratté
MUSEUM GALLERIES & CURATORS Artmate / Filip Andreas Skrapic / Florence Müller / Laffy Maffei Gallery / The Community / ZKM
MAGAZINE & PHOTOGRAPHERS Carol Tam / Betina Du Toit / PW Magazine / Tide / Vogue
INSTITUTIONS & FESTIVALS Ars Electronica / Backslash Festival / Echo Park Film Center / Institut Français De La Mode / Meakusma Festival / Mostra Sonora I Visual / Rewire Festival / Spektrum / Transmediale / Ctm Vorspiel Festival / Uh Fest
MUSICIANS, LABELS AND BOOKERS Alter Agency / Alvin Aronson / André Bratten / Andrea Belfi / Andrew Pekler / Annex Agency / Bear Bones, Lay Low / Beatrice Dillon / Benoit B / Banlieue Records / Bi pole / Carmen Villain / Celestial Trax / CORIN / Dadras / D.K. / Earth Agency / Ece Özel / Embassy / Ex-Terrestrial / Felicia Atkinson / Flavien Berger / Galcher Lustwerk / Geng / Graham Dunning / Gudrun Gut / Holy Similaun / Huerco S. / Jean-Benoît Dunckel / Infiné / Krikor / Lamusa II / Low Jack / Patrick Holland / Perila / Ray Kandinski / Roman Flügel / Savoir Faire / Shelter Press / Space Afrika / Tissu / Visible Cloaks / Zuli…